Friday, August 31, 2012

Keep Motivated

Keeping yourself motivated is key to getting a fit body. Here are some tips on how to do this. To the Jump!
  • Take a before picture. As you progress, take a new picture every month to see how your body has changed. This will remind you how awesome it is to be fit!

  • If you haven't watched this video, do it now!

  • Buy new clothing. When your clothes start to sag and dangle all over, it's time for new clothes! Fitting in new clothes and seeing your results by looking at yourself in the mirror will keep you motivated to look good!

  • Feel the power! If you practice any kind of sport, the next time you go to the court or field, you will feel stronger and faster. you will perform better in any kind of sport you practice, leaving your peers and friends in awe!

  • Excercise with a friend! Having a buddy in your workouts helps you feel comfortable doing whatever workout, as well as keeping an eye on eachother for good form. As you both progress, that journey together will make you even better friends.and keep you closer.

  • Do not do it if you dont want to. If you really feel that you dont need extra excercise, then don't let someone else force you into it. Living a healthy life and getting it's benefits is something that has to come out of your spirit, not someone elses requirements. So next time someone tells you that you need to workout, let them know that you will decide that for yourself. Friends will give you advice, but dont let it go to the point of having peer pressure.

  • Enjoy the compliments. Once people start noticing your changes, they will start complimenting you. Don't feel embarassed of feeling awesome everytime points out that you look better and how your new clothes look extra good on you.

  • Easier dating. Your new physique most probably will attract more people of the opposite gender, especially if the person knew how you were before! People feel alot of respect for people who change for the better, and that can help alot. If your crush didn't "see you in that way", your you 2.0 has the power to change that. I know not everything in the dating world is physical, but it definitely can help a bunch.

  • Put up a picture! It is easier to reach your dreams when you paste it somewhere. Put up a nice pic of what it would be like  for you when you get there. 

I really hope this post keeps people motivated to get what they want. Being someone of their own will is key in life, and it is what will get you to places. don't let anyone tell you you can't do something and feel bad about it. Instead, take the pleasure of proving them wrong. 

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