Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Snacks - What To Eat

Don't know what to snack on? First, i'll give you this link to Livestrong. The site is great for keeping track of what you eat. Eating snacks between main meals is highly reccommended, so dont be afraid of opening the doors of your fridge 3 hours after you ate. Snacking can often be tricky because we don't really know what to look for when checking our pantries and fridges. You shouldn't snack on stuff you just found on your fridge or pantry, since it can lead to making poor choices. When going for a bite to eat, you should have predetermined foods that fit your diet.

  • Go nuts! I don't mean go crazy, i mean get some nuts from the store to have them ready for your intra-meal eats. Nuts are rich in carbs and fats, and can keep you satisfied until your next meal, while still being healthy. Almonds and cashews are more reccommended than other nuts because of their rich fiber content. Note: these are snacks, so dont go for more than a fist of them.

  • A fruity delight. Eating fruit as a snack can be a healthy option, but dont fall into certain traps. Be wary of bananas and mangoes, since they have the most caloric and carb content. Grapes are also very sweet, so go easy on these. Pineapple is a great choice for snacking, as well as watermelons, papaya, strawberries, kiwis, and other types of berries. Eating fruits after  main meals is not particularly reccommended by me because i feel bloated when i combine them with whole meals. Feeling bloated can affect your whole daily routine, so be careful with that. Also, dont get canned fruit. this is a horrible choice of fruit. Canned fruit almost always contains a syrup that is high in sugar, which kills the purppose of snacking fruit entirely. Again, this is a snack!

  • Veggies! Enable your vegematronic vibe and toss a few vegs in a bowl and snack away! A good choice for snacking veggies are often broccoli, carrots, asparagus, some GREEN beans and tomatoes! I personally reccomend these because of their crunchy texture, which can really make a difference. 

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