Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What's The Right Diet For Me?

 First of all, diet is a very misunderstood word. Getting on a diet does not necessarily mean eat less. It's getting the right combination of nutrients into your body so your goal can be reached, kind of like your own personal lunchbox. It is not recommended to be hungry while on a fixed diet. Those diets that restrain your stomach from getting food are very bad for you. These diets usually make you lose tons of pounds in a short period of time, which can be good if you're attending a wedding in 2 weeks. Although these starvation diets can be convenient at times, they are quickly gained again after your important event.

There are different type of diets that give different instructions. There's meal plan based diets, and the more flexible one, the nutriet counting one. This blog will mainly promote the latter because of it's flexibility and how easy it is to follow. First, you will need to know what macronutrients are. Oftenly called macros, these are what your body mainly needs in order to run properly. the three macronutrients are: Carbohydrates, often called carbs, Protein, and Fat. Getting on a high protein and low carb and fat diet is very good for weight loss. Starting out, you should be getting a 5:1 OR 7:1 protein-carb ratio in your diet, while trying to minimize fats. If wanting to get fatty foods, avoid eating anything fried, or cooked with lots of vegetable oil. Try to go for olive oil instead. Avocados are high in carbs and fat, but these are actually good for you. Eating nuts as a healthy snack is also a good choice, but no more than a handful of any kind of nuts, as they are high in carbs and fats too. As of protein, you might want to invest in some protein bars or shakes to be able to meet your daily protein intake. Try to consume protein in servings of 25 grams, but you can actually go higher and take 50 if it is required. Protein promotes muscle growth. The more muscle you have, the faster you will burn fat. Ladies, don't be afraid of picking up a few weights every now and then to accompany your workouts, as it will greatly benefit you.

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